Villa Vrindavana Academy is the first regional campus of the Mayapur Academy. It is born with the intent to facilitate devotees in their training in Deity worship. We will follow the syllabus offered by the Mayapur Academy in a reduced format so even though all of the classes will not be available, the contents of our course will be recognized by the Mayapur Academy for those who wish to complete the diploma there.

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The course is open to devotees in good standing with first and second initiations and to gurukulis. Temple president recommendation is required. Application to attend the course does not automatically guarantee acceptance. We consider all applications individually before notifying prospective students of acceptance.
Participants will have the chance to spend aprox. 3 months in the wonderful temple of Villa Vrindavana, near to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence.
For the duration of the course, devotees are required to attend the full morning program, follow the 4 regulative principles, and chant 16 rounds daily.

For applications please write to us or apply directly from the page of the Mayapur Academy, go to this link ( ) and choose “Villa Vrindavan course”.


Course general information:

Start: 16 April 2018
End: 7 July 2018 
Language: English
Duration: 12 weeks
Fee: € 1100,00 (costs include room and board in the ashram for the duration of the course).

You can watch a short video presentation here:


Complete course

(The deadline to enroll the complete course is expired. Please SCROLL DOWN TO CHECK THE AVAILABLE ‘SINGLE UNITS’ at the moment, more units will come later.)


Brahminical Culture & Ethics
This unit will explore and deepen the role of the brahmana in the society, will train devotees in the application of brahminical qualities and responsabilities and will give guidance on how to properly approach the Lord.
Teacher: Adi Purusa dasa.


Students will learn the art of cooking for Krsna. It will be shown how to cook different preparations and, at the end of the unit, they will be able to prepare a complete raj bhoga.
Teacher: Visakha devi dasi


Deity Dressing
Devotees will learn how to dress the Deities and will learn to develop skills like color matching, how to select appropriate jewelry, hang cloth and garlands etc.
Teacher: Visakha devi dasi



Temple Worship 1
Introduction to the knowledge, skills and values of deity worship that will help students to understand and appreciate it as an integral part of the philosophy and practices of devotional service, and to assist them in carrying out the basic items of daily temple worship.
Teachers: Manohara das pandit, Acarya-nistha das
Certificate non available for this unit.


Students will learn all the various mantras used in Deity worship.
Teacher: Manohara das pandit


Tulasi Care and Worship
Students will learn to appreciate the identity of Tulasī and will also develop knowledge and skills for caring for, and worshiping Tulasī.
Teacher: Visakha devi dasi




Jewelry Making
Students will learn how to manufacture jewelries under the guidance of an expert teacher.
Teacher: Visakha devi dasi




This unit will give knowledge on how to plan and arrange the major festivals in IsKcon calendar, students will also get the opportunity to lead and perform an abhiseka.
Teacher: Ananda Lila devi dasi


Students will live ‘Pujari Life’ for about three weeks. Brahmanas will have the chance to use their acquired knowledge on the altar of Villa Vrindavana and worship Sri Sri Radha Vrajasundara.



Advantages and disadvantages of astrology and qualification of an astrologer. Deep inner and spiritual meaning of each planets and their significance in our own life. Effective time management according to planets. Learn simple but efficient ways to find compatible matches.
Teachers: Sri Radha Govinda dasi, Manohara das pandit



Introductive course on Yajnas
Teacher: Rama Rupa das



Flower Decorations
Devotees will learn how to make flower arrangements for placement on the altar.
Teacher: Nayana Manjari devi dasi



Turban making
Teacher: Visakha devi dasi




Single units

It is possible to follow some units without enrolling for the complete course.
Available units are:

Brahminical Culture & Ethics
Dates: 16-27 April
Teacher: Adi Purusa Dasa
Language: English
Price for who will reside in the temple (temple fee not included): €50,00
Price for others: €100,00

Dressing & Turban Making
Dates: 30 April-11 May
Teacher: Visakha Devi Dasi
Language: English
Price for who will reside in the temple (temple fee not included): €50,00
Price for others: €100,00

Dates: 14-18 May
Teacher: Visakha Devi Dasi
Language: English
Price: €50,00

Accomodation fee is not included.
Asram fee is €15,00 per day, Guest House €35,00 per day.



Manohara das pandit
Faculty member and teacher at Mayapur Academy, he has served as head-pujari in Prabhupadadesh, Italy. He is an associate astrologer, writer and editor at MAPSS (Mayapur Astrologic and Psychosomatic Sacred Sciences). He studied Sanskrit in Europe and at the Srimad-Bhagavatam Vidyapitam in Govardhana, India. He holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and a bachelor degree in music. He teaches History of Indian Music at the Vicenza Conservatory, Italy.

Visakha dasi
An accomplished pujari and cook, she served for several years in Prabhupada-desh, Italy. After graduating with distinction at Mayapur Academy she entered the faculty team, and has been assisting in teaching Deity dressing and Jewellery making.



Sri Radha Govinda dasi
Psychotherapist, Palm analyst and Vedic Astrologer. 
Sri was born in a Vaishnava family in South India, bangalore. She studied Psychology in Germany and France. She holds a degree in theology and holds a Bhakti Vaibhava degree. She speaks 9 languages and travels around the world and has given seminars and courses in more than 20 countries. She has authored the popular book “How to mess up your life with Astrology” which is widely sold all over the world and is a author of several other books on astrology, self-help and psychology.

Ananda Lila dasi
Is a co-facilitator of several courses at the Mayapur Academy. She is a full-time resident of Mayapur.



Acarya-nistha das
Administrator at Mayapur Academy, co-facilitator of several courses. Pujari of Sri Srivas Thakur in Mayapur.



Nayana Manjari dasi
Teacher at the Mayapur Academy, head pujari of ISKCON Zurich where she has served for over 20 years. She is a professional florist by trade and the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry Zonal Representative for Switzerland and France.


Rama Rupa das
Gurukul graduated, alumnus of Mayapur Academy and now part of its staff. He is the Iskcon Deity Worship representative for Malaysia and East Africa.



Ādi Puruṣa Dāsa
Is a regular teacher at the VIHE. He also travels the globe facilitating various śāstric courses. Each year he facilitates the Brahminical Culture & Ethics Unit.




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